Hotels Inside National Park

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge & Tented Camp

Phewa Prince Pokhara

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, situated 75 miles south west of Kathmandu, at an elevation of 450 feet above sea level, is in the heart of Royal Chitwan National Park, a 500 square miles area of tall grassland and magnificent forests and wetlands.All the double rooms, many in tree-houses or private bungalows, are attractively furnished with solar shower, fan and lighting.The Gol Ghar (Round House) forms the centre of the lodge and contains the dining hall and lounge area. With its huge domed roof and central open hearth it will be your special place for relaxation. Nepalese and Western cuisineis served and a fully stocked bar is open till the last guest retires to bed.


Activities at the Lodge and Tented Camp include safaris on elephant and by river boat, jungle walks, birdwatching excursions, and expeditions by Landrover. Our renowned naturalists, (some of whom have over 30 years' experience), will introduce you to the fantastic array of flora and fauna in the Park. (They will be at hand all times to answer your questions.) The wildlife of Chitwan includes the endangered Greater One Horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles, over 450 species of birds, leopards and the elusive, Royal Bengal tiger.


Established in the early 60s in the lush sub-tropical jungles of the Terai of Nepal for wildlife enthusiasts, Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge is the pioneer wildlife safari lodge of Nepal and Asia . Tiger Tops is located in the heart of Nepal ’s premier Royal Chitwan National Park ; a world heritage site and provides sensible comfort and skilled staff to ensure the finest wildlife safaris in Asia today . Chitwan is one of Asia ’s richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries and in 2003 iExplore, rated this park as one of the best “Wildlife Safari Destinations of the World”. 


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Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge

Phewa Prince Pokhara

Temple Tiger Jungle Lodges and Wildlife Camps one of the finest in Asia, is situated in the heart of Royal Chitwan National Park on the far western side and has the enviable distinction of being the best located property inside the National Park. This is proven by the record sightings of the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros, crocodile and Gharial. Our territory of this fantastic reserve appeals to wildlife enthusiasts as well as visiting Ornithologists who consider our area a paradise for bird watching as both resident and migratory birds visit here in abundance. Temple Tiger is the only Lodge inside the National Park of Chitwan, from where you can witness the natural game of prey and predator, from the hanging platform itself. This viewing deck, constructed above a huge man-made swamp provides a fantastic display of animals visiting the swamp or on the land.


Besides the view from your balcony, we also arrange jungle safaris on elephant back or by land rover. Nature walks accompanied by well-trained naturalists are very popular among nature lovers. Canoeing on the Narayani River provides an opportunity to watch gharial, dolphins and crocodiles from close quarters. The Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge has tried and succeeded in creating a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere without disturbing the surrounding tranquillity of the jungle. There are 32 individual super deluxe jungle lodges. These wooden lodges or villas as they are called are on stilts and are equipped with all 5 star amenities and have a private balcony over-looking the grassland. The tastefully decorated rooms with Tharu artifacts have wall to wall carpets, a sofa and international size twin/ double bed, The spacious, attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water are a beautiful blend of wood, marble and bamboo (rattan). The thatched roofs of the villas are made from the abundant Siru grass therefore they blend easily into the surroundings. The tented camps are situated in the vicinity of the jungle lodges.


Getting There

Depending on time available and preferences, a number of options are available for the discerning traveler. International arrivals are all via Tribhuban Airport in Kathmandu(1300mtrs.) the capital city and heart of the culture of Nepal. Two hundred kilometres west lies Pokhara (1000mtrs.) at the foot of the great Annapurna mountain range. Between these two and in the lowlands to the south, is Chitwan National Park(200mtrs.)home to Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge.

By Air

The Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge in the Royal Chitwan National Park can be reached either by domestic airlines or the land route. 3-4 domestic airlines fly to Bharatpur which is a 25 minute flight. You will be met at the airport and driven to the Amaltari Ghat by a TTJL representative which will take 1hour 20minutes. On reaching the Ghat on the banks of the Narayani River, your jungle oddessy begins. Upon arrival, the guests will be transferred by riverboats and elephants/landrovers to the Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge.

By Land Route

Roads leading west from Kathmandu, or east from Pokhara meet midway between the two at Mugling. The main road turns south from here following the course of the Narayani through the middle hills to the Terai (lowlands) belt 35 kms south. At Narayanghat, we meet the Mahendra Highway and turn east through Chitwan. After about 50 kms, we drive south on a dirt road for the 15 kms drive to Amaltarighat.

The 190 kms. drive gives a fascinating view of life in rural Nepal, rivers, and villages, rice terraces and forested hillsides. A good option is to drive one way, fly the other.

By Raft

A thrilling activity can be incorporated into the drive About 2.5 hrs. after leaving Kathmandu Charaundi is reached, from where the rafting begins. After 3 hours white water rafting on the Trishuli river, we arrive at Kurintar. There a packed lunch will be provided. Another 3hr. drive will take you to AmaltariGhat, on the banks of River Narayani. Variation in the rafting itineary can be arranged with trips lasting upto three days, camping enroute. For visitors from Pokhara it would be an overnight stay at a lodge and rafting on the Seti River. Special rafting itineraries ranging from a day to 15 days with all camping facilities can also be arranged. (see our special section on rafting).

All the guides possess knowledge about emergency medical treatment, on the flora & fauna and also about the geology & history of Nepal. River trips vary from one to ten days and from scenic floating to some of the most challenging white water rafting available in the world. All the equipment meet highest standards of comfort and safety including life jacket waterproof bags, ammo boxes & camping gears.


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Chitwan Jungle Lodge

Base Camp Resort

The Royal Chitwan National Park, one of Asia's richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries, is situated 75 air miles southwest of 'Kathmandu'. In this panoramic jungle setting we operate a unique vacation facility.

Of all the world's remaining jungles, one of the most enchanting is Royal Chitwan National Park in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Here, at Chitwan Jungle Lodge, you will discover a lost world of towering trees and twisting vines, of pre-historic rhino and lumbering elephants, of crocodile, python and deer; of brilliantly colored birds and if you are fortunate - the superb Royal Bengal Tiger.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge is proud to be the pioneers of environmentally sensitive nature tourism in Nepal. Our Lodge is used as a model throughout Asia. We believe that responsible and controlled tourism can benefit conservation and indigenous people.

Chitwan Jungle Lodge lies in the park, on the banks of the river Rapti. Listen to the sounds of nature, the forest-birdsong, the rustle of deer in the bushes or the tempting call of elephants. From the moment you wake at dawn to roam through the jungle on elephant back, to the quiet talk around the camp fire at day's end: Chitwan Jungle Lodge - the unforgettable experience.

Built from Natural materials it blends perfectly with its jungle surroundings, and offers luxurious facilities. All the individual bungalows at Chitwan Jungle Lodge are perfectly blended with natural surroundings. The rooms are tastefully decorated with private solar powered hot and cold running showers.


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Machan Wildlife Resort

Trek O tel hotel

Where the Sal forest of the Chitwan jungle meets the wide and beautiful valley of the Rapti river, the world is wild and splendid. Broad grassland sweeps north to the Mahabharata range and virgin jungle extends south to the Churia hills. For centuries the dense jungle bordering on the foothills of the Himalayas formed an impenetrable barrier, keeping Nepal a hidden and mysterious kingdom. The last three decades have seen that barrier breached, but the jungle of the Royal Chitwan National Park remains a world apart. Here the spirit of great explorer-adventurers still lives.

With the opening of Machan Wildlife Resort a new chapter is being written in adventure and exploration in the Chitwan jungle. The perfect beauty of its setting allows one to realize a fantasy most of us have cherished since childhood: the spirit of Mowgli in the world of Rudyard Kip ling.

Getting There

Machan Wildlife Resort is located 190 km southwest of Kathmandu in the eastern edge of the Royal Chitwan National Park.

By land

Our vehicles will drive you there on the same mountain road which originally revealed Nepal's hidden beauty to the outside world. The road crosses the Mahabharat Range at 2500 m and follows the Trishuli river most of the way.It offers splendid views of the Himalayas in clear weather.

By air

There are two daily flights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur airfield, the nearest to Machan Wildlife Resort, and from Bharatpur guests are transported by Land-Rover to the resort which is 40 km from the airfield.

By raft

You can opt for a raft trip down the Trishuli river which follows the road down into Chitwan National Park, with our trained rafting crew, and bivouac at camps on riverside beaches. This is Nepal's most popular rafting river, for its impressive gorges, exciting rapids, and some easier sections. For many people it represents the ideal compromise trip: just the right length of, exhilarating rapids, and not too difficult.

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Gaida Wildlife Camp & Lodge

Hotel the kantipur

Gaida Wildlife Camp borders the Rhino (our namesake) Zone in the central area of Royal Chitwan National Park. Guests on elephant-back safari quite often see as many as 10 to 15 rhinos. Gaida Lodge overlooks the river that serves as the parks natural boundary. Views from your bungalow window can include any of the mammals and birds that make their home in the park.


Reputed as one of the best managed Jungle Safari Resorts of Nepal, Gaida boasts of having two facilities; the Luxury Lodge and the outdoor Jungle Camp located within the central area of the park. Staffed by competent and dedicated professionals, Gaida offers an unusual setting and unique opportunity to observe wildlife from a close range.


Incentive Programs for tour groups, special interest tours, agencies and companies can be handled for up to 120 people. Please inquire for more information.


Getting There



A 15 minute flight from Kathmandu to the Bharatpur airport in Chitwan followed by a drive of about 40 minutes is one of the popular ways to arrive at Gaida.


A scenic and enjoyable access to Gaida is by road. The four hour country drive on the Prithvi Highway following the beautiful Trishuli river is a very rewarding experience. The drive through small villages, seeing people of diverse ethnic origins and terraced fields, presents an enchanting scene.


A raft trip of varying lengths on the Gandaki, Trishuli or Narayani rivers followed by a short drive escorted by Gaida representatives to the Gaida Jungle Lodge & Camp is another popular means to get the resort.

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Island Jungle Resort & Tented Camp

Hotel Snowland

As the crow flies ninety kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, is the Royal Chitwan National Park. Widely acknowledged as one of the best national parks in Asia, covering a pristine area of 932 sq. km. This is the first national park in Nepal, established in 1973 to preserve a unique ecosystem of significant value to the entire world. The park is situated in the sub-tropical inner 'Terai' lowlands of south-central Nepal.

In the northwest section of the park is an island known as the Bandarjhola, surrounded by the Narayani River. This unique island consists of riverine forest, tall grassland, marshland, numerous inlets and oxbow lakes. Such a diverse combination of nature is found only here on this island providing a perfect habitat for wildlife. It is here that you will also find Island Jungle Resort offering you the opportunities in experiencing the exciting life of the jungle.


Getting There


By air

Just a thirty minute flight will bring you from Kathmandu to Bharatpur (outside Chitwan National Park.) Daily morning flights are available from Royal Nepal (RNAC.) At Bharatpur airport you will be met by our staff and be driven to our Island Jungle Resort.

By Raft

One of the most exciting ways to travel to the park is by raft down the Trishuli river a day float which brings you to Narayanghat where you may be driven to our Island Jungle Resort. The number of days floating can be extended as per your schedule.

By Surface

A pleasant five hour drive by Car or Tourist bus on the Kathmandu-Narayanghat highway follows the Trisuli river and offers you a continually changing landscape from the mountains of the Himalayan to the plains of the Terai.

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