Heritage Hotels in Kathmandu

Dwarika's Hotel


Dwarika's Hotel is a unique place in South Asia. It is a living example that tourism need not destroy heritage and the environment. On the contrary, it has demonstrated that a proper blending of cultural restoration and tourism leads to the preservation of historical artifacts and contributes to the growth of skills and culture that would otherwise have eroded from the crass commercialism of today.


It has shown that heritage can be preserved and be used for further preservation works. In fact, it could be the model to demonstrate what must be done to preserve the look of Kathmandu Valley - a stepping stone towards the larger and more gigantic task of rehabilitating the uniqueness and beauty of Kathmandu currently experiencing severe environmental stress of uncontrolled modernization.

Hotel Vajra

Hotel VajraVajra first of all offers an architectural feast harmonising beauty and practicality. Doors and windows designed and carved by Utam Raj of Patan, who descends directly from the carvers of the great Durbars of Kathmandu Valley.


Ceiling frescos of the Great Pagoda Room painted by Rinchen Norbu, the great Tibetan Master, wall frescos in the restaurant are painted by Bimal Moktan the outstanding Tamang Painter, are some of the features you will discover here. The site itself, near the powerful Bijeswori temple complex, from which the area derives its name, stands on the age-old pilgrim's road to Swayambhu.


On any early morning you may join the pilgrims, Nepali, Tibetan, Bhutanese. In fact you may see a Buddhist from any part of the world on their ascent to the great two thousand years old Stupa which offers an extraordinary panorama of the sacred Valley and the high Himalayas.           


The Rooftop Gardens of the hotel provides a magnificent morning or sunset panorama of the snowy peaks of the Himalaya, looking directly on the Pagodas of Durbar Square (Center of medieval Kathmandu) and up to the Swayambhu Stupa. A twenty minute's walk takes you to each..

Kantipur Temple House

kantipur temple houseTowards the dusk, under faded light of setting sun, stands alone in a corner, silhouette of Kantipur Temple House in deep slumber. Only the wind bells chime softly against the gentle breeze chanting. It is as magnetic as it sounds, an epitome of the ancient architecture. A pure beauty to live in.


With the feeling of keeping the ancient architecture alive, and to try to share the country's true art to foreign travelers,  Kantipur Temple house was built. An eco-friendly hotel, Kantipur temple house offers you an ambience of living in a Nepali home, a decade back adding to the ambience are our staffs who give you the warmth and friendliness, a true Nepali offers. What more, than when you can feel at home, in another cultural set up and in another country!

Kantipur is on the process of expansion, providing you the cultural sensation of living in Nepal in a more developed and improved form.


Kantipur Temple House is situated at the very center of cultural environment of Thamel Tole, which is the heart of Kathmandu, where the royalties and religious patrons across the centuries have built lavish places, ornate temples and curious street shrines.

This area has always been an important landmark in Kathmandu Valley because of such structures like Chusyabahal, a Newari Mahayanan monastery (Bahal) built around 1667-68 AD which houses an exceptional master pieces of wood carving and traditional craftsmanship that stands out even today.



Owing to its easy and favorable location, Kantipur Temple House is centrally located within close proximity of old Durbar Square, Durbar Marg (Kings Way), main junction of Thamel Center, Hanuman Dhoka, Asan Tol, Swyambhunath Temple and numerous other important sites, making it an extremely accessible and a focal point within Kathmandu City. Kantipur Temple House is an ideal place for visitors who appreciates the exceptional cultural heritage, art and history of this rich kingdom that still retains some of its glorious past 

Hotel Courtyard

courtyardHotel Courtyard is a newly built hotel designed with Nepalese ancient traditional pattern. It is a great location for Family or Business.


A few minutes' walk from the Hotel will unfold the view of city's beautiful temples, shopping streets, and cultural sights. Numerous restaurants, travel agencies, shops are within the walking distances from this Hotel.

Inside the Hotel are Wild Ginger Restaurant and Paragon Bar that serve a variety of snacks and a selection of popular drinks. You can enjoy a Quiet Drink of your choice in this luxurious bar.


Hotel Courtyard offers spectacular views of Kathmandu valleys and surrounding mountains from its comfortable rooftop.

Hotel Courtyard welcomes you with unforgettable hospitality with its quiet, homely and friendly atmosphere by offering the best of the services to the guests from arrival until departure.


Stay at Hotel Courtyard will make you happy as at home in the privacy of comfortable and cozy rooms. Its lovely water pool and landscaped garden can, indeed, provide you the comfort and relaxation and you need.



It is conveniently located in the heart of a popular tourist area in 67/27,Z-Street, Thamel. It is a very quiet place in a bustling area in Thamel. It is approximately 20 minutes drive from the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu.


Hotel Courtyard is and ideal destination to stay free from pollution and noisy atmosphere at a very reasonable rate.

Let us make your time unforgettable experience in Nepal!