Ladakh Religion

Unlike most of the rest of India, the predominant religion in Ladakh is Tibetan (Mahayana) Buddhism. This is a form of Buddhism that has also incorporated elements into its mythology of Tantric mysticism and even Bon-Cho (the pantheistic shamanist religion extant in Ladakh prior Ladakh Religionto the introduction of Buddhism). Buddhism was first introduced to Ladakh nearly one thousand years ago at about the same time that Ladakh became an independent kingdom. During the tenth and eleventh centuries the Buddhist scholar and missionary Rinchen Zangpo, "The Great Translator", founded over a hundred monasteries in Ladakh, some of which are still in existence. Later, in the fourteenth century, when the Tibetan monk Tsong Khapa introduced the Gelupka order of the Dalai Lama to Ladakh, the Tibetan style of Buddhism became the major religion as it was supported by the Ladakhi Royal Family, and remains so today

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