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Sun Koshi Rafting

Sunkoshi means the river of gold in Nepali language. The legend depicts that, once up on a time this river was full of gold floating from Bhot (Tibet). Like Karnali of the west, Sunkoshi stretches the long distance among the high hills, gorges, valleys and flat lands. It's the river with largest volume of water in Nepal. Unlike Karnali, Sunkoshi flows closer to the villages of eastern Nepal that offers more to see the ever friendly villagers, their culture and life of remote eastern Nepal. This river is also considered as one of Sun Koshi Raftingthe world's 10 classic river journeys. The rafting for this river starts at the Dolalghat, close to Kathmandu can be approached after 2 hours drive by bus. Sunkoshi has more powerful tributaries like Dudhkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Tamur and Arun. Some of the narrow channels, big holes, and powerful wider rapids make the river trip a real challenge for any rafters. In the distance of miles, there are enough flat section too and the combination of wild side and changing landscape as further down you go. At the ending section the rafting trips of Tamor and Arun also comes to join the Sunkoshi. Sunkoshi trip ends at the flat land of Chatara which is very close to Koshi Tappu Wild Life reserve. It's one of the best wet-lands in south Asia housing more than 400 spices of birds and it's also famous for wild bedfellows known as Arna in local language. Few days' bird watching tour can be another charm of the adventure in Sunkoshi. Chatara is connected to Kathmandu by direct bus which is 16 hours drive.

Day 1 :
Three hour's bus drives to Dolalghat and prepares for rafting. Camp at sandy beach.
Day 2 :
Run class 3 rapids and camp nearby Ratemate.
Day 3 :
Rafting about 4 hours with class 3 rapids and camp nearby Harkapur.
Day 4 :
Rafting about 4 ½ hours with class 4/5 rapids and camp nearby Harkapur.
Day 5 :
Rafting around 4 hours with class 4 rapids and camp near Rasuaghat.
Day 6 :
Rafting on whitewater class 4 rapids and camp on sandy beach.
Day 7 :
Raft about 4 hours through "Bigdipper" and camp below rapid.
Day 8 :
Rafting about 2 hours till Chatara. After lunch drive back to Kathmandu.